The concept behind Rest Dress came shortly after my first son Jack was born. His delivery did not go quite as planned. Due to a placental abruption, I had an emergency c-section. I was so grateful my baby boy and I were just fine after surgery. However, the recovery took a good while before I started feeling like myself again.  

Though I was well stocked with baby clothes for my child, I didn't really think about what I would wear in the postpartum stage. Lounge attire was either too tight and would irritate my incision or was too frumpy. When visitors stopped by unannounced, I needed to quickly change into something presentable. Sound familiar? The whole getting dressed scenario was such as hassle for me. I soon went on a hunt for the perfect, comfortable lounge dress, but was to no avail. Five years later after having my third son, I knew it was time to act and create what I had envisioned. 

Motherhood is such a transformative time in a woman's life. So many changes occur in such a short amount of time.  We want to create dresses that help and honor mothers throughout their journey. A lot of time and thought has gone into each detail to accomplish just that. We've identified and rectified pain points for postnatal mamas, and spent months researching the best fabric available. Each dress also includes "Self-Care Instructions" on your clothing label to remind you to not forget about the essentials. 

We have prioritized making it easy for you to connect with your baby by designing the dresses to be skin-to-skin friendly. With ease, you can make this special bonding time happen and enjoy its benefits.   

We want each mother to know that her sacrifices and contributions are recognized and esteemed. We see you mamas out there. These dresses are dedicated to you.  

Welcome to the Rest Dress shop. So glad to have you here.  XO

With much love,