The Five Best Baby Shower Gifts For a New Mother

Nearly every expectant mom looks forward to having a baby shower. It is a wonderful time to celebrate the little one(s) on the way!

A lot of time, planning, and funds can go into such an event. Leaving the mom-to-be well supplied with many memories and gifts. 

However, many baby showers can leave the new mom with excess stuff, but lack of support once the baby arrives.

Those darling little newborn outfits might go untouched in the closet, while the mom is doing her best to recover from a challenging birth. And the 10 extra baby blankets might only get used a couple of times before being passed on to a new home. 

So how can we better use our resources to show up for mothers during this transformative time of life?

We put together the top 5 gifts that can best provide support for a new mom.

1. A Meal Train

With trying to navigate sleep schedules, postpartum recovery, and feeding a newborn, it is easy for a mother's meal to get pushed back and neglected. Bringing in food can greatly ease the burden of trying to figure out what and to eat.


-You can coordinate meals with friends and neighbors through a website such as or 

-Be sure to check with the family to see if there are any allergies or food concerns. 

-Consider getting disposable containers, plates, and utensils. Anything that can reduce cleaning can can be extremely helpful.

-Cooking isn't your thing? No problem. A Door Dash Gift card would be greatly appreciated. (Be sure to verify that local restaurants participate in your area.)  

2. House Cleaner

Postpartum recovery can take weeks to months. During this time it is important that the mother RESTS. This can be challenging to do when there is so much housework to be done. By pooling funds together with friends, you can hire a cleaner to come in to help take that load off of the family's shoulders. 

3. Postpartum Doula

If the new mom does not already have a support team, ask her if she would like to have a Postpartum Doula come and help her. A Doula can help assist a new mom with infant care, infant feedings, light housework, and meals. Basically providing an angel on earth to care for her and her family. This gift can gently ease the mother into her new role. 

4. A Rest Dress

A mother's body undergoes A LOT of changes. Finding something to wear can is a challenge for most postpartum moms. A Rest Dress can help to solve that problem by providing the new mom with a beautiful and comfortable solution. Being both skin-to-skin and nursing friendly, it makes it easier for mom to connect with her baby. (To learn more about the MANY benefits that skin-to-skin can provide both mom and baby click here.)

Designed to improve the motherhood experience, a Rest Dress will bring the new mom comfort when she needs it most and serve as a continuous reminder to slow down and rest.

5. A Nap

This option doesn't have to cost you a penny. Simply reach out to the new mom and see when she could use a nap. Offer to hold the baby, help out with housework, take older children, or whatever she needs taken care of while she can catch up on rest. A good nap can make all of the difference. 

Though these gift ideas might not be as cute as those adorable baby shoes you saw at the mall the other day, they can provide a mother with what she really needs: More rest. And more support.

What gifts would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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