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  • Perks of Having a Baby/Being a Mom in 2020

    I found out that I was expecting my fourth baby the same week back in March, when everything seemed to shut down and you couldn't find toilet paper anywhere. "Not an ideal time to be pregnant," I initially thought to myself. But as I have been adapting to these unique circumstances, I have have been keeping a running list of all of the benefits of being a mom...even in this WILD AND CRAZY year of 2020. Here is what I have come up with so far...
  • Creating Connection With Your Newborn

    What do we as mothers want more than anything in the world? 

    A healthy, strong connection to our baby. (Annnnd, possibly sometimes a nap.) ;)

    Studies will tell you, a connection is vital for baby and so so helpful for mamma. 

    And yet, I remember when I had my first, I knew connection was important but I had no idea how to really create it. After spending a lot of time wondering if I was "doing things right", I finally have learned effective tools on how to strengthen connection.

    In this article I’m going to show you how to actually create connection with your baby, and actually KNOW that you are creating it. So you can stop worrying about it, and start enjoying that baby more. 

  • 9 Ways to Connect With Your Postpartum Body

    Grief can occur whenever and wherever there is loss or change. It is not uncommon for women to grieve because they miss their pre-pregnancy body. After having a baby, they look in the mirror and do not recognize their new shape, new scars, new look. If you can relate to this experience, know you are not alone. However, your grief does not have to last forever. Read on to learn about 9 ways you can honor and connect with your postpartum body...