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  • Perks of Having a Baby/Being a Mom in 2020

    I found out that I was expecting my fourth baby the same week back in March, when everything seemed to shut down and you couldn't find toilet paper anywhere. "Not an ideal time to be pregnant," I initially thought to myself. But as I have been adapting to these unique circumstances, I have have been keeping a running list of all of the benefits of being a mom...even in this WILD AND CRAZY year of 2020. Here is what I have come up with so far...
  • Why You Should Never Say “I am Just a Mom”

    Introductions. The exchange of small talk when you first get to know someone. Some people hate them. I actually happen to like them. I love learni...
  • How to Create Meaningful Friendships in Motherhood (Part One)

    Creating and developing friendships in young motherhood has its unique set of challenges...There are certainly hurdles to work around. However, finding true friendships during this stage of life is possible.