Perks of Having a Baby/Being a Mom in 2020

Perks of Having a Baby/Being a Mom in 2020


2020 sure has given us all a big kick in the pants hasn't it? I really don't need to go too in depth to describe all of the unanticipated changes, cancellations, restrictions, and challenges this year has presented to us as moms...We all know them quite well from personal experience. 

I found out that I was expecting my fourth baby the same week back in March, when everything seemed to shut down and you couldn't find toilet paper anywhere. "Not an ideal time to be pregnant," I initially thought to myself. But as I have been trying to adapt to these unique circumstances, I have been keeping a running list of all of the benefits of being a mom...even in this WILD AND CRAZY year of 2020. Here is what I have come up with so far...

  • Grocery pickup/delivery. Can I get a hallelujah?! Not having to take all my kiddos inside the grocery store has been a huge game changer for our family. I don't know if there is an actual medical term for this...but I am pretty sure I had a fear of grocery shopping with children. The preparation alone would bring me anxiety. But goodbye to those days. Now I only have to endure a few unpleasant moments of whining from my children while we wait for our groceries to be delivered to our car...all while they are snugly strapped in their car seats. Talk about a stress reliever. 
  • Women have discovered how to go days (even weeks) without washing their hair. Do you recall washing your hair every day or every other day? It was exhausting! And what mother has the extra time to do that...let alone spend the time to BLOWDRY? Thanks to the genius invention of dry shampoo, alongside with hair training, moms are saving hours each week by keeping their locks unwashed for a little bit longer...
  • Lack of FOMO. Instagram/social media used to be filled with people going to exotic destinations and going to exciting events. Then came 2020... Thanks to Covid-19, there really isn't too much of anything going on. You can be sitting at home, nursing your baby, knowing that you're really not missing out on too much these days. Friends aren't getting together as often and there aren't any big events to attend. You can feel more present and focused on not missing out on your little one's childhood. 
  • No need to rush. Before Covid, it seemed that each day we were rushing someplace. Whether it was to school, or to a sports game, we seemed to be regularly on the go. Now there really aren't too many places to be, especially at a specific time. We have been able to slow down and not feel rushed by the regular hustle and bustle of life. Another bonus of having no place to go, is you can live in your house dress 24/7!!
  • You and/your spouse might be able to work from home. This has actually been a huge benefit for our family this year. With my husband being able to work from home, he has been more accessible to help with the kids while I deal with the not so great symptoms of being pregnant. It's been nice seeing him throughout the day and being able to spend more time all together as a family. 
  • Technology available to connect with others. Though there is nothing like face-to-face human interaction, thank goodness for technology this year! Imagine being totally isolated without it. Imagine trying to homeschool/distance learn without it! Thanks to Marco Polo, Zoom, and Facetime, we have been able to not only hear, but visually see our loved ones. Such a huge perk of living in our day and age. 
  • Maternal mental health awareness/support has never been more widespread. Though there is still work to be done to fight the stigmas of mental illness, the world has come a long way to bring to light the importance of addressing maternal mental health. With different support groups and medical professionals available, moms now have better access to getting the help they need. (One great resource is Postpartum Support International.)
  • Lastly, lack of unexpected visitors. We have all been there...half dressed, unshowered, house a mess, when all of the sudden the doorbell rings. With my children always running to the door, it makes it difficult to pretend that we are not home. But those occurrences are less frequent now. These days, we don't have to feel so caught up in keeping the house pristine clean. Plus, I can roam braless at home more often. It's definitely a more easy going lifestyle that I have become accustomed to.  

You see, even with all of its flaws, 2020 still has some redeeming qualities. I hope this list shines a light on some of the good amidst the challenges you're currently facing as a mother. What else would you add to the list?  We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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(Photo provided by Rachel Gamble Photography/@rachelgamblephotography)

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